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I do not recommend too many things that may be considered conspiracy theory. I give this recommendation, not to promote Glen Beck, you make your own opinion about him. But I do recommend this video:

 It will not be the government taking our rights away. It will not even be big business. These are pawns in a bigger game. It will be the financial elite and big banking that will do this. Big business will be forced to go along and then you and me will be forced to go along as well if we want to participate in commerce. 

Do not get me wrong. The government is a great threat to our God given liberties as is big business. There are plenty in these groups that have no love for anyone other than themselves. But we know that the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s and Biden’s, Pelosi’s are not running things. They are pawns too. Who is over them? I do not have an absolute answer to this question, but I do believe that people like George Soros is one of them. There is a lot more, but I am no expert to be the one to discuss it. I think Glenn Beck does a good job here to at least open up the discussion on the question if you have not thought about it before.