Sacramental Prep

Age Requirements

- First Confession - 7 year of age
- First Holy Communion - 7 years of age
- Confirmation - 14 years of age

Date of Sacraments

- First Confession should be made by end of December
- First Holy Communion is made with the class on the first Sunday of May
- Confirmation is received at St. Joseph Parish in Detroit according to the Latin Rite or at the Lansing Cathedral according to the new rite. Dates to be determined by them.

Class Times

- First Confession and First Holy Communion class takes place on Sundays after the 8 am Mass. 
- Confirmation class takes place after High School Religious Ed after the 10 am Mass on Sundays.
High School Religious Ed

High School Religious Ed is for 8th grade students on up.

Class times are after the 10 am Mass on Sunday

Latin Class

We are currently having Latin classes.

Start date 11-8-2022

Classes have just begone and there is still time to join us.

There are two locations for the Latin Classes:

The 1st is at the Church on Tuesday nights at 7 pm

The 2nd is north of Lansing (call for details) on Thursday nights at 7 pm

Home Schooling

We are very Home School friendly. In fact, we encourage it.

You do not need to use our Sacramental Prep classes or High School Religious Ed. They are there to help you as you see fit. The children and teens do seem to enjoy them though.

We have many families that Home School. It is my hope that we could even one day do something like a co-op of some kind.

Interview Questions for Sacraments
All students must follow the following procedures to receive the sacraments. Keep in mind that these are older documents and not all applies today. The important part is the information they must know in order to pass an interview with me. 

For First Confession use this link: Confession

For First Holy Communion use this link: Communion

For Confirmation use this link: Confirmation