Sacramental Prep

Age Requirements

- First Confession - 7 year of age
- First Holy Communion - 7 years of age
- Confirmation - 14 years of age

Date of Sacraments

- First Confession should be made by end of December
- First Holy Communion is made with the class on the first Sunday of May
- Confirmation is received at St. Joseph Parish in Detroit according to the Latin Rite or at the Lansing Cathedral according to the new rite. Dates to be determined by them.

Class Times

- First Confession and First Holy Communion class takes place on Sundays after the 8 am Mass. 
- Confirmation class takes place after High School Religious Ed after the 10 am Mass on Sundays.
High School Religious Ed

High School Religious Ed is for 8th grade students on up.

Class times are after the 10 am Mass on Sunday

Latin Class

We are currently having Latin classes.

Start date 11-8-2022

Unfortunately, you are late to start these classes.

There may be new classes in the future.

Instructor: Scott has a doctorate in linguistics and is a professor at Michigan State University.

Home Schooling

We are very Home School friendly. In fact, we encourage it.

You do not need to use our Sacramental Prep classes or High School Religious Ed. They are there to help you as you see fit. The children and teens do seem to enjoy them though.

We have many families that Home School. It is my hope that we could even one day do something like a co-op of some kind.

Interview Questions for Sacraments
All students must follow the following procedures to receive the sacraments. Keep in mind that these are older documents and not all applies today. The important part is the information they must know in order to pass an interview with me. 

For First Confession use this link: Confession

For First Holy Communion use this link: Communion

For Confirmation use this link: Confirmation

Books Fr. Robideau Recommends
  • Bibles
    • Bibles
      • Douay-Rheims Bible – This is the English translation of the Clementine Latin Vulgate. It is faithful to the Word of God in every respect.
      • Haydock’s Bible – This is the Douay-Rheims Bible with notes by Rev. George Leo Haydock
      • The Holy Bible, Baronius Press – This is the Douay-Rheims Bible with the Clementine Latin Vulgate side by side.
      • Clementine Latin Vulgate – This is the Vulgate that was produced by St. Jerome. It is still the official Word of God in the Catholic Church. Any translation that does not line up to what it says is in error. Do not use the New Latin Vulgate as it has changes made to it according to erring modern thought.
    • Commentaries and Education
      • Which Bible Should I Read, Thomas A. Nelson
      • The Great Commentary of Cornelius A Lapide, Loreto Press, multiple volumes
  • Doctrine & Catechisms
    • Standard use – easy to read
      • My Catholic Faith, Most Rev. Louis LaRavoire, S.T.D.
      • Baltimore Catechism (Q&A formate)
      • Catechism of St. Pius X
      • Doctrina Christina – Catechism of St. Robert Bellarmine
      • The Most Rev. Dr. Janes Butler’s Catechism (Q&A formate)
      • The Catechism Explained by Rev. Francis Spirago. This is a large work (800 pages)
    • Study use – heavier reading
      • Catechism of the Council of Trent
      • The Aquinas Catechism
      • Catechetical Instruction of St. Thomas Aquinas
      • The Pole-Preuss Manual of Dogmatic Theology (6 vol.), Loreto Press
      • Sacræ Theologiæ Summa (8 vol.)
      • Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, Ludwig Ott
      • The Sources of Catholic Dogma, Denzinger
    • New – I have not gotten or read but looks good:
      • Tradivox – This is a 20 volume set of several old catechisms from many different authors. Only 10 volumes are available at this time. They will release a new volume every 3 months until all 20 are available. For more information, see Sophia Institute Press. Please give me a review if you have or get them.
  • Spiritual Reading
    • Imitation of Christ, Thomas a Kempis
    • Spiritual Combat, Dom Lorenzo Scupoli
    • The Sinner’s Guide, Venerable Louis of Granada
    • Hell and Its Torments, St. Robert Bellarmine
    • What Will Hell be Like, St. Alphonse’s Liguori
    • Read Me or Rue It, Fr. Paul O’Sullivan, O.P.
    • Thoughts of Cure D’ars
  • Mass – All theses recommendations are based on the 1962 and earlier liturgies.
    • The Holy Mass, Dom Prosper Gueranger
    • The Incredible Catholic Mass, Fr. Martin Von Cochem
    • A short History of the Roman Mass, Michael Davies
    • The Catholic Sanctuary, Michael Davies
    • The wonders of the Mass, Fr. Paul O’Sullivan, O.P.
  • Ecclesiology, History & Politics
    • The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendetta, John Vennari
  • Dictionary
    • Modern Catholic Dictionary, Fr. John Hardon, S.J., It is a good dictionary of Catholic terminology. Do not let the word “Modern” scare you or that fact that the author is a Jesuit.
Understanding the Mass

I hope to have some helpful information here soon

Three Days of Darkness
Saints that talk about it:
Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (1769-1837) Wife and Mother
St. Mariam Baouardi (Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified, 1846-1878)
Marie Julie Johnny (850-1941)
St. Padre Pio
When will it happen:
There is little information other than it will last 3 days. But there is evidence form their writings that it will start with the warning on a Wednesday evening. This will give time for you to go into your homes for hiding. The three days will then begin at midnight and end Sunday morning at midnight. That means that Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be the three days of darkness. When the sun rises on Sunday morning, it will be "safe" to go outside. 
What to look for:
There is no solid determine sign, what we know is that it will be colder than usual for that time of the year. 

The writers say:
The night will be cold.
The wind will roar.
After a time, thunderbolts will be heard.
This catastrophe shall come upon earth like a flash of lightning at which moment the light of the morning sun shall be replaced with black darkness. 
What to know:
The most important point is to be in the state of Grace. This is always the case. If the terrible day should come for the three days of darkness and you are not in the state of grace, there will be little time for confessions. Make sure you know of a priest who believes in the 3 days of darkness and who will make himself available for some time until he too must go into his house and hid. Remember that hiding in this case is not an act of cowards, but a command from God. 

The second point is that you must hide in your homes. Lock your doors and do not answer them for anyone, even family and friends. The enemies will mimic their voice to trick us to open the door to them. Once you close the door and lock it, it stays that until the forth day (supposedly Sunday).

The third point is that no lights will work. The only source of lighting you will have is from a BLESSED CANDLE. There is debate if the candle needs to be 100% or 51% beeswax or if any candle will do. For safety, I recommend 100% beeswax. It seems that a simple blessing will suffice on the candle. But again, I recommend one that was blessed on Feb 2 with he blessing of Candlemas. This is probable "overkill."

The forth point is that you are not to look or go outside for any reason what so ever. DO NOT DO IT. It is clear int he writings that if you do, you will die. Remember lots wife who looked back at Sodom and Gomorra. God does not want us to witness His great wrath. 
What to do in preparation:
  • Pick a single room in your house where the entire family can gather. It should be a room with a door so that yo can be closed off from the world.
    • Basement is good.
    • You should have all your supplies stored there so you are ready at a moments notice to go into hiding.
  • A 5 gallon bucket. You can get a cover for it that serves as a toilet seat. You can also get liners for the bucket. Also have toilet paper.
  • Non perishable food that can be eaten without cooking or other preparation. Enough for 3 days.
  • Bottled water
  • A few blessed 7 day wax candles. I use 7 day candles to make sure they will last the full 3 days. I have tried supposed 3 day candles and some only last 2.5 days. Also have on hand matches or some way to light the candles.
  • A mechanical clock (windup travel type) so you can measure the time and know when it is safe to go outside. Remember that there will be no power. I am not sure that a battery clock or watch will work.
  • Blankets. Blankets can also be used for modesty when using the 5 gallon bucket if several are in the room.
  • Warm clothing.
  • Medications.
  • Crucifix and other holy and sacred images
  • Prayer books, Bible
  • Rosary
  • If there are any windows, you will want to have on hand a way to cover them. A black plastic garbage bag and some duct tape will work. Some even have wood coverings cut to size and ready to install. Make sure that you are not able to see outside.
What about my animals:
The writings let us know that God will take care of our animals on our property for love of us. Before you lock you house, set out food and water for the animals for the 3 days and then go into your house and lock the doors. They will be safe. You can keep your house animals in with you. If you have animals in the house with you, make sure you have a on hand a way to feed and water them and that they have a way to go to the bathroom also. 
What will happen during the three days:
The world will be enveloped in darkness and there will be utter confussion.
It will be cold and there will be bad weather of all kinds.
Gods angels will come and execute the godless. 
The devastation will be very great.
If the innocent are not able to get to their homes, they will die martyrs.
Who will be safe:
Those who hope in God, are in the state of grace and who seek the protection of the Blessed Virgin. 
Also needed is to be in your home in a closed room where you are cut off form the world. 
What to expect afterwards:
It is not exactly clear. What is certain is that the world will be covered with dead bodies.

The question is what about the infrastructure. It may be fine or we may find ourselves knocked back to the stone ages. Some variant in between may also be true. We simply do not know.