Financial Support

The following are all ways for you to help support us financially so that we may continue our work of giving glory to God and bringing salvation to souls.

Please remember that you also participate in this work by placing your time and talents at the churches disposal. These are also greatly needed. 

And most importantly, never stop participating in the life of the parish by continually praying for our success. 
Cash or Check
Contributions can be made any time by placing cash or check in the collection box in the back of church by the entry doors 

Or you may mail checks to us: Click here for our address. Please do not send cash in the mail.

Make Check payable to St. Gregory the Great

You may also give cash or checks directly to the priest. 
Credit Card
To use a Credit Card, please use this link: Credit Card
Precious Metal

Some have asked if they may give precious metal as a donation.

Answer: Yes

You will be given a statement of donation at the current market value at the time of the donation for income tax purposes. Market value to be determined as the spot price using the internet:

Metals may include: silver, gold, platinum

Jewelry and other forms other than bullion are more difficult if you want a tax statement. We will have to have it appraised.

Bequests or Legacy Contribution
We love having you here with us, but we understand that when God is ready to bring you home, there is not much we can do to stop Him. 

We further understand that you will not be able to take anything with you.

Please consider leaving a portion of your "fortunes" to us so that we can continue even after you leave. 

To do this, please see your lawyer and have him add us to your will. 

Thank you so much and remember that we pray for our deceased every Second Saturday of the month in the SGTG Confraternity of our deceased. 
Directed Donations or Restricted Funds
When there are special projects that need to be financed, you may donate directly to that cause.

These are called restricted donations and the funds cannot be used for anything else. When the project is finished, if there are any left over funds, we place them in the general fund.
Donate Items

You may donate items that are needed for the parish. Please see Father before purchasing anything so that we can be sure the item donated is the item needed. This way, time and resources are not wasted.

Altar Intentions
The Altar Intentions are a collection of letters by people with all their intentions. They are kept in the altar just below the center where the consecration takes place. These intentions are then remembered by the priest at every Mass. 

If you are interested in joining the many other letters, simply use a letter size piece of paper (8.5x11) and write all your intentions, as many as you want on the front and back. You can even use your computer and use 6pt font if you like. 

You then give the letter to the priest with a $100 donation and he will add it to the collection.  
Mass Intentions
Mass intentions are a long standing tradition in the church. 

For a set donation (set by the bishop) you can have the priest say a mass for your intention. The intention can be for the living or the deceased or for some cause or for the glory of God. The priest can accept only one intention per Mass, but that intention can be for more than one person as directed by the donor. The Mass is then offered on the set date for that intention and the fruits of the Mass are then bestowed on that intention. 

The Bishop of the Diocese of Lansing has set the donation at $10 per Mass. I, as a practice, would never deny someone a Mass if they are not able to afford the $10. Some people even donate more for the Mass which is acceptable so long as the priest did not ask or demand it. 
Votive Candles
We currently have 4 votive lights that you may have lit for your intentions.
They are in the sanctuary and 2 are next to Mary and 2 are next to Joseph.
The donation is $10 for one 7 day candle.
They are lit on Saturday and burn for 7 days honoring Mary or Joseph.
To have a candle lit for your intentions, please see Fr. Robideau.

We hope to have the All Saints Votive Grotto built soon. It will consist of several 7 day candles that you will be able to light in honor of any saint of your choice. We anticipate the donation for these to be $5 each.
Bishop Taxes Your Donations

Bishop Earl Boyea taxes your donations. This tax is in addition to the yearly DSA campaign.

He currently taxes the parish 7.7 %

Over the next few years, he is increasing the “School Tax” by 1% a year to finish at 7%.

This will bring the parish tax up to 11.7 %

Thank you for your support
Remember that God will not be out done in generosity