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These are important highlights of our history:

Bishop Earl Boyea of the Diocese of Lansing, received a letter from a member of the Faithful in Lansing, MI asking for the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite.

Bishop Boyea, desiring to fulfill the request of Pope Benedict XVI to make greater use of the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite for those whom it would benefit, asked the priest of the Lansing area if one of them would be willing to have the Mass at their parish. Having none come forward, he asked Fr. Jeffrey Robideau who is friendly toward the EF, to do some research to find out what the real need is in the Lansing area.

With the letter from one member of the Faithful, Fr. Robideau was directed to many more families that were also interested. In a matter of a few weeks there were 49 families on the list as interested.

On 6-8-2010, there was a meeting in the Diocesan Center basement meeting room for those interested. Having 60 people at the meeting, 20 of them represented new families bringing the total to 69 families interested.

With the information gathered at the meeting presented to the Bishop, he agreed that there was enough interest to merit Diocesan support for a new group to be formed to provide the EF.

Bishop Boyea then asked Fr. Robideau if he would take the assignment. In a meeting with the bishop on 6-19-2010, Fr. Robideau agreed to take the assignment.

Bishop Boyea accepted Fr. Robideau’s resignation from Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Michigan Center, MI on 8-13-2010. On 8-21-2010, the Feast of St. Pius X, Bishop Boyea signed the decree establishing Blessed John XXIII Community and the letter of appointment of Fr. Robideau as the first Chaplain, both to go into effect on September 1, 2010.

  • 9-26-2010 – First Mass, the 18th Sunday after Pentecost
  • 10-10-2010 – First Mass with Bishop Boyea, the 20th Sunday after Pentecost
  • 10-16-2010 – First Baptism. Her name was Grace. How appropriate.
  • 2-6-2011 – First Social Hour, the 5th Sunday after Epiphany
  • 4-24-2011 – First Missa Cantata, Easter Sunday
  • 6-25-2011 – First parish picnic. We had our first parish picnic at the home of Fr. Robideau in Leslie known as Saintly Acres. It started at 4pm with Mass in the chapel he was building in his basement. There were about 70 people. There was a bonfire and games. Fr. Robideau even gave the children a ride on his horse, Wrangler.
  • 7-16-2011 – First Wedding.
  • 4-8-2012 – First First Holy Communion. Also, our second Easter together.
  • 4-8-2012 – New vestments. This was the day we wore our new vestments for the first time. Being Easter Sunday, the color was white. This was the only vestment we had at the time as we were waiting for the other colors to arrive. We asked the tailor to rush the white vestments so we could have them for Easter. They arrived on Good Friday, just in time. Many families contributed to the special collection we took up for the new vestments. One person in particular (anonymous) gave over $6,000 to make the project happen. The total collected was $ 9043.00.
  • 5-20-2012 – First Confirmation. Bishop Boyea arrived after the 11 am Mass and celebrated the sacrament. This was Bishop Boyea’s second visit with us.
  • 5-27-2012 – Red Vestment worn for the first time. Pentecost Sunday.
  • 6-10-2012 – Green Vestment worn for the first time. The 2nd Sunday after Pentecost.
  • 11-2-2012 – Black Vestment worn for the first time. Feast of All Souls.
  • 12-2-2012 – Violet Vestment worn for the first time. First Sunday of Advent.
  • 12-16-2012 – Rose Vestment worn for the first time. 3rd Sunday of Advent.
  • 2-23-2013 – Construction of Sanctuary platform. We had two people show up with Fr. Robideau and they worked until 9 pm to finish it. All was completed except for the trim as this did not arrive in time.
  • 3-31-2013 – First Solemn Missa Cantata. Easter Sunday. We used our brand new set of six candles and altar cross and our new set of 6 torches. We had incense for the first time and crucifer for the first time and an MC for the first time. While the new platform has been finished for two weeks, this was the official opening use of it. We also had two first communicants. It was an exciting day of firsts.
  • 4-19-2013 – We received our new copes (gold and green). The others are still on the way.
  • 6-9-2013 – We have our first convert, Larry Wade.
  • 8-15-2013 – Feast of the Assumption, Fr. Robideau shows the community the new gold High Mass set of vestments.
  • 9-4-2013 – The new altar Fr. Robideau built is used for the first time.
  • 4-4-2015 – We have our first Easter Vigil.
  • 6-5-2016 – We have our first adult confirmation.
  • 7-22-2016 – The new reredos Fr. Robideau built is used for the first time. Feast of St. Mary Magdalene
  • 9-25-2016 – We use our new community prayer to Pope St. Gregory the Great for the first time. We have spent 2 or more years in picking the saint and developing this prayer. In this prayer we ask Pope St. Gregory the Great to be our intercessor that we may grow by many souls to worship God and that we are able to build our own church one day.
  • 12-5-2016 – The Chapel is painted – The Remolding is coming along well.
  • 3-16-2017 – We have our first Men’s Night
  • 6-29-2019 – Our name is officially changed to St. Gregory the Great.
  • 7-1-2019 – We purchased our new building at 3020 S. Washington Ave. in Lansing to be our new Church. The previous owners (a protestant community) will rent the building until the end of August. This will give the building committee time design the new space
  • 9-7-2019 – We had a big day today. We did an exorcism over the new building. Three of us went over to the new building while several stayed at the Cathedral to pray in Adoration and several prayed from home. We did a strict fast all morning until 1 pm. We knew that there was much sinning and evil that took place on this property as it was a protestant Church for almost 70 years. There was Protestantism itself. That is enough evil right there, the rejection of God and the fullness of truth in favor of man’s truth over God’s truth. There was much heresy and anti catholic sentiments. The place was known for the acceptance of sodomy and welcomed sodomy as part of their faith. The “pastor” was a lesbian herself and had a partner. It is also certain that there was new age and WICCA practices there. We wanted a fresh start and so Bishop Boyea gave us permission to have the exorcism. It went smoothly. Afterwords, we formally named it St. Gregory the Great Community by putting up the sign by the street.
  • 9-8-2019 – The remodeling of the new church began.
  • 3-12-2020 – Feast of St. Gregory the Great – We had our first Mass in our new church.
  • 3-13-202 – We began our new Mass schedule to now have Mass everyday of the week.
  • 3-15-2020 – This was the beginning of the big farce called a pandemic. Everything shut down. The bishops, in fear and in collusion with the evil plot to push Covid-19 as the death of human life on earth, chose to close the churches as well. The Diocese of Lansing did not close this weekend but did so on the following (3-22-20). We began to pray the Litany of St. Joseph at the end of every Mass to protect us from the virus and the insanity that was to ensue.
  • 3-22-2020 – All the churches are closed. Finding loopholes wherever we could, we found ways to stay open and to say Mass everyday. We never shut down. People found themselves locked out of their churches. They felt abandoned and betrayed by their pastors and by their bishops. Many found that our doors were still open and that our safety rules, though few, were reasonable and effective. They were delighted to have a temporary home with us. Several have chosen to make us their new home permanently.
  • 5-10-2020 – Mother’s Day & Fr. Robideau’s Birthday – We have grown by many people on Sundays and it was getting a bit crowded. To help maintain safe distancing practices, we added an 8 am Mass to the Sunday Schedule to allow people to spread out more. Today was our first 8 am Sunday Mass.
  • Easter Vigil 2021 – St. John Vianney (Cur de Ars) joins us. He arrived a week before and was placed in his niche on the altar and immediately covered for it was Passiontide.
  • 12-25-2021 – The new Altar rail was used for the first time. It was not finished, but it was usable. The stone top would arrive until 3-24-2022
  • 3-31-2022 – The adoring angels arrive. No one knew that Fr. Robideau had ordered them yet. They were placed on their pedestals on either side of the altar and immediately covered in purple even though it was not yet Passiontide. It was only a few days before Passiontide and Fr. Robideau wanted the big reveal at the. Easter Vigil to be a  surprise for everyone. 
  • 4-3-2022 – At the end of the Leonine Prayers, we said a litany to St. Joseph in thanksgiving for all his intercession and help during the fake pandemic that lead to so much of our success and sanity during so much fear and insanity. This was then the conclusion of our praying to St. Joseph after all the Masses. Thank you St. Joseph. You are a powerful intercessor and we consecrate ourselves to you. 
  • 4-6-2022 –  St. Catherine arrives. She was placed in her grotto in the altar. Because it was Passiontide, she was covered with a purple vail. No would see her until the Easter Vigil.
  • 4-13-2022 – The Baptismal Font arrives. 
  • 4-16-2022 – Easter Vigil 2022 – This was a big night. Not only was it the Easter Vigil, but we had the unveiling of St. Catherine and the two adoring angels, and we had the new Baptismal Font, and the kneeling pads came in today for the Communion Rail.