Liturgical Aids

Coming soon, we will be offering some resources to help you understand and be able to participate in the Traditional Latin Mass.

So many say that they do not understand Latin or they do not know Latin… and so they do not want to come to a Latin Mass.

These aids will help you, in the privacy of your own home, to practice the Latin you need to know to participate in a dialogue Mass.

At the same time, please note that you do not need to know any Latin to fully participate in the Latin Mass. Technically all responses belong to the servers. In a dialogue Mass, the people are welcome to say the responses with the servers but do not need to do so if they prefer not to. 

Many have been taught that the people need to “FULLY PARTICIPATE” in the liturgy and that means that they need to make the responses. This is not the case. “Full participation” has more to do with knowing and understanding what is going on in the liturgy so that you are able to make your own personal offerings to be united to the Sacrifice of the Altar. Making your personal offering is the preeminent factor of participating in Mass. “Full participation” would next include making the proper gestures and postures during the Mass. Then saying the responses if you choose to. We could then say singing the hymns is next, or this could go before making the responses. Of least importance is the participation in various so called “ministries” of usher, greeter, reader, Extraordinary Minister of the Distribution of Holy Communion and the all too important donut ministry. 

Come back and we will soon have some aids to help you enter into this full participation.