Pastoral Care

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Mass Times

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Confession Times

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Baptism & Churching of Mothers


Please see me 2 to 3 months before the birth so we can take care of your baptismal prep. I only require this for the first 2 children or if you are new to the parish.

You will need to pick one or two Godparents (If 2 then – one of each sex). One must be Catholic, but it is best if both are Catholic. Only the Catholic will be listed the Baptismal Record and on certificates.

Churching of the Mother:

This is a holy and praiseworthy custom for a mother, after giving birth, to come to church in order to thank God for her safe delivery and to seek the blessing of the priest.

We tend to give this blessing the day of the baptism, but it can be done before if you like.

First Confession


First Holy Communion




Marriage, Rite of Betrothal & Marriage Bands

Marriage Information:

Please contact me as soon as you are engaged so we can begin the 9 month process of marriage prep.

Do not rent a hall until we have made the determination that you are free to marry.

Weddings must be held in the church. Canon Law does not allow for marriage anyplace else.

Rite of Betrothal:

The Rite of Betrothal is done as soon as you are engaged (betrothed) to each other. This is a beautiful way to announce to the parish your engagement and to ask for Gods blessing during this very intense time of preparation for marriage.

Marriage Bands:

Extreme Unction (Last Rites or Anointing of the Sick), Last Blessing & Viaticum

If you are going to have surgery, please see me the Sunday before the surgery so we can give you the Sacrament.

If you find that you are seriously sick (especially if dying), call ASAP so we can get you taken care of Sacramentally. You will need not only Extreme Unction, but also confession. “Clean house” as they say.

For emergencies, please call ASAP so I can take care of you. At that time, I will probable ask if you going to die and if you are able to eat anything. If so, I will try to bring Eucharist with me so that I can give you Viaticum also.



Last Blessing:


Funeral, Wake & Rosary

Please make your arrangements with the funeral home. As part of this process, they will contact me to make arrangements. This just makes things easier on you during these difficult moments.

If you need to talk with me about your grief – please contact me.

There are no eulogies during the Funeral. If you would like to eulogies your loved one, please have a family member or someone to do this at the funeral home during the wake.

If for some reason you do not want the full Liturgy, we can do a funeral service at the funeral home.

It is traditional that the priest prays the rosary during the wake the night before the funeral Mass.

Cremation is allowed in the church. There are a few ways that this works:

Option 1: Having the body at the funeral Mass is preferred. In this case, you have the cremation done after the funeral Mass.

Option 2a: If you have the body cremated before the funeral Mass, we can have cremated remains at the service on a table. You may have a picture (no bigger than letter size) and a small arrangement of flowers on the table.

Option 2b: We set up the catafalque and place the cremated remains under the pall that covers the catafalque.

If no body or cremated remains are present for the funeral Mass. In this case, we set up the catafalque to represent your loved one.

Vocation to the Priesthood or Religious Life

Do you think you have a vocation to the priesthood or the religious life, PLEASE call me to set up an appointment.

If we think that there is something there, I will send you to the diocese or other appropriate vocation director depending on your calling.


If you need to speak with a priest, please call me on any matters of faith and morals. We will either speak on the phone or make an appointment.

If you need marital or personal counseling, please call me to make an appointment.

Spiritual Direction

I am not currently taking on any full time spiritual direction

If you have spiritual questions, please schedule a time to see me.

Blessing of Expectant Mothers

If you find yourself with child, please call me to schedule a Sunday to bless you after the announcements before the sermon.

The Husband and Father is the spiritual head of the house, so I like him to stand with you for the blessing. The Rite does not call for this, but it is important to me.

The blessing can also take place after a weekday Mass or in private. It is preferred on Sunday so the whole community can celebrate with you.

Blessing & Enrollment in the Brown Scapular

Children are enrolled in the Brown Scapular at their First Holy Communion.

If you have not been enrolled, call me to schedule a time.

If you are replacing an old scapular, you may bring the new one in to have it blessed. Some say that this blessing is not necessary and that the blessing resides with the individual. I like to bless the scapulars anyway.

House Blessing or Enthronement to the Sacred Heart or Twin Hearts

House blessing:

The house blessing itself is a short prayer. It takes less than a minute. I like to do a more thorough blessing, where the head of house leads me room to room and we bless each space with Holy Water. This can even include attics and basements. I bless all the thresholds and electronics as these are the gateway for the world to enter.

To have your house blessed, please schedule a date and time with me.

Enthronement to the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Enthronement to the Twin Hearts:

This is basically the same as the Enthronement to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but it also includes the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Blessing of Water and Salt

We use the old rite of blessing that includes the exorcism for both the salt and water.

There is always blessed water in the back of church. Please bring your own container.

For blessed salt, we do this at Mass on Sunday a few times a year. If you need salt blessed, please contact me and I will arrange and announce the Sunday that will include the blessing of salt so that everyone can bring some in to be blessed. You are responsible to bring your own salt.

Blessing of Objects

The following objects have a special blessing. Some of them are long and take some time. They may also be given a simple blessing anytime. For the longer blessing, please check with me when I can do them.

St. Benedict Medals and Cross
Miraculous Medal

Images, statues and other objects can be brought in anytime for a simple blessing.

Blessing of Candles

Candles can be given a general blessing at any time.

Candle Mass is celebrated on February 2. Bring your candles on the Sunday before February 2 in a marked bag or box. You can pick them up anytime after the Mass on February 2.

Epiphany Water, Blessed Chalk and Epiphany Home Blessing
On the vigil of January 6th, I bless the Epiphany water. 
It is then available for you to pick up at church on January 6.
Please bring your own container.

Also available is the blessed Caulk and the rite for you to use to bless your home. 

The blessing can also be downloaded here: Epiphany Blessing
Demonic or Occult Activity, Deliverance Ministry, Exorcism, Possession, Obsession, Oppression, Generational Spirits, Infestation…
I am not an exorcist. 
I do know some things about this area of attack and can help you find answers.