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Pastoral Council

The purpose of the council is to help the pastor by making known the vision, hopes, dreams, fears and concerns of the parish. They are an idea generator and assist the pastor in putting a vision together for the future of the parish.

If you have anything you would like discussed, you may approach any of the members or the pastor to let us know.

Please keep in mind that the council acts as an advisor only and does not vote. It is the role of the pastor to make decisions. For this reason votes are not taken. I know other priests let their councils vote, but I believe that this leads to winners and losers and so creates division. If you are happy or upset with a decision, let it be with me and not with each other.

We keep in mind that like any group, with one issue we get our preference and with another issue, we do not. It is a matter of being patient and loving with each other, and I would add, with your pastor who tries to take the best advise he receives and to make the best decision for the parish, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, knowing that some will like it and others will not.

Current Members:

  • Patrick Lind (president)
  • John Schafer (treasureer)
  • Renee Ferguson (secretary)
  • Rick Thelen
  • Patrick Hawkins
  • Michael George
  • Eric Kabdebo
  • Jessie Kabdebo