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Religious Education

Our Religious Education is now up and teaching.

We have two programs:

  1. Sacramental Prep for Confession, First Communion and Confirmation.
  2. Religious Ed for teens. 

If interested, please contact Fr. Robideau for more information.

Home Schooling Questions:

  • I am Home School friendly.
  • Please get a copy of the required information your child will need for the sacraments of Confession, Eucharist and Confirmation from the Sacraments page.
  • When you believe your child is ready to receive these sacraments, please schedule an interview time with me.

Parents should be taking the following into consideration when educating their children in the Faith:

  • Dogmatic Theology – What do we believe. Teach them the Faith.
  • Moral Theology – How do we live what we believe. Teach them the moral teachings of the Church.
  • Mystical Theology – How do we fall in love with God. Teach them prayers and devotions, spirituality and the lives of the saints.
  • Bible / Scripture – Know the basic stories. With young children, you can use a children’s bible with pictures to help them understand the basics and to fall in love with the Bible characters like Moses. Older students should use the actual Bible. I recommend  the Douay-Rheims version of the Bible as it is the only English translation that has been declared by the Church to be the authentic Word of God. It can be difficult to understand as it uses the old English. If your child can grasp the old English, it is well worth the trials it may bring. If not, then I recommend the  Ignatius Press version of the RSV.
  • Liturgy – Teach them the parts of the Mass, what is going on and how to say their parts in Latin.
  • Sacraments – Teach them the 7 sacraments.
  • History – There are books available.